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Robust answers to your key questions in minutes to help you validate ideas, gather supporting evidence for your next big client discussion, creative testing, new product development, and more.

Price from

£0.82 / $1.07

Per 3-question complete

Send a mini-survey and receive hundreds of responses in less than 10 minutes.

Choose from 8 answer options, including open-ended questions, ranking, sliding scales, and branching. Access a 150,000+ strong and growing community across the UK and US or invite from your own customer database.

An engaged app community leads to a 30% response rate to Pulse notifications. Mobile-only response platform means you speak to people living their real lives.

Get open-ended feedback and measure emotional reactions to which areas were liked or disliked, and understand why.

Target your audience and segment responses using over 60 behavioural and attitudinal profile points.

Turn your questions into a conversation- follow up with people who gave specific answers with a further 3 questions, or invite them to participate in further research.

Results dashboard shows answers in real time.

Discounted pricing based on response volume available. Contact (UK) or (US) for further information


Answers appear in real time, giving you actionable insight in under 10 minutes.


The OnePulse mobile community is not a research panel, but real people going about their daily lives, engaged by a range of thought-provoking questions on current events, new products, and more; your surveys are a small part of their experience.


Each Pulse of up to three questions allows you to target another Pulse based on prior answers so you can continue to probe certain people or topics until you get all of the answers you need.

The particulars of your project sometimes might not fit the product as designed.

We’re more than happy to design a more customized approach so please feel free to get in touch with us to do so.

Speak to the team at one of the following address for a bespoke project discussion: