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Cultural Consultation

Expert opinions on whether your creative concepts will work in international markets.

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£140 / $200

Our Cultural Consultation service is designed for international advertisers, who have developed a campaign concept and want to know if it will work as intended in other markets around the world. It offers fast, competitively priced, top-level insights across a range of fields.

Our worldwide network of copywriters and strategists will deliver linguistic, cultural and strategic analysis of how well your ideas will travel. We look at everything from the potential pitfalls in transcreating the copy, to whether a visual or font will have the desired impact in the target market, and even offer a concise analysis of local brand perception and competitors. The findings are delivered in a full report highlighting key insights and trends across markets.

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Local, culturally relevant insight from strategists and creatives about whether your names will fly or fall flat in other markets.


A choice of three service levels – from basic disaster check, to in-depth analysis with review of the competitive landscape.


Colour-coded, intuitive report with summary of key findings, and in-depth breakdown per market, delivered within a few days.

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Quite often the particulars of your project might not fit the products as designed.

We’re more than happy to design a more customized approach so please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Speak to the RAPID team at for a bespoke project discussion.