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Naming Audit

Sanity-check your proposed new brand or product names for use around the world.

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£140 / $200

Our Naming Audit provides on-the-ground insight from around the world into the suitability of your proposed new brand, product or service names. This includes various red-flag tests, so that you can be sure your preferred name is not already in use, and will not cause offence or confusion. It also provides qualitative feedback from our network of market-based strategists and creatives, so you know if a name will resonate locally and exactly what message it will send out.

We can also consider the competitive landscape in that part of the world: how rival brands are positioning themselves, and what the latest trends in naming are. Whether you are at the discovery stage or have a finalized shortlist, our local insight ensures your team and client can make informed decisions as to what will really get their message across.

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Local, culturally relevant insight from strategists and creatives about whether your names will fly or fall flat in other markets.


A choice of three service levels – from basic disaster check, to in-depth analysis with review of the competitive landscape.


Colour-coded, intuitive report with summary of key findings, and in-depth breakdown per market, delivered within a few days.

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Quite often the particulars of your project might not fit the products as designed.

We’re more than happy to design a more customized approach so please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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